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Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo:


At the Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy in Kansas City, Mo. we train in Chung Do Kwan, the original traditional school of Taekwondo.  Our Chief Instructor Master Rudolph A. Muhammad trained under the world renowned Grandmaster Sabunim Yong Taek Chung.  Master Muhammad is the oldest Instructor to receive Master Ranking from Sabunim Chung. Master Muhammad also has the highest ranking Chung Do Kwan students in Sabunim Chung's family of Instructors!

The goal of Chung Do Kwan is to prepare youth and adults to reach their highest potential through concentration and disciplined action.  Chung Do Kwan provides a logical training process designed to condition the entire body balancing physical, mental and spiritual aspects into one focused effort.


Chung Do Kwan training is a forum to build character in the student.  Respect for authority, inner discipline, cooperative learning, correct breathing and meditation are infused with specific martial arts techniques to help students reach their highest potential.  Attention is devoted to strengthening intuition and instincts allowing for greater speed and stimulation of innate abilities found in the heart and creation of any artist.

Instruction is the responsibility of the Chief Instructor who plans, supervises and provides instruction along with designated senior assistant instructors.  Students progress from beginning to more advanced levels of study demonstrating applied knowledge at each level.  Different color belts (from beginning white to advanced black) are awarded following aptitude and skill testing designed to evaluate skills in problem solving, analysis, decision making, social responsibility, leadership and mastery of level specific martial arts techniques.  Skill progression is monitored on each level through theory; one-step basic self-defense methods and compulsory forms, which combine level-specific techniques into orchestrated self-defense patterns.  More advanced levels demonstrate multiple applications for basic self-defense movements drawn from multiple martial art systems.


Chung Do Kwan Chung Do Kwan Chung Do Kwan Kansas City, Mo

Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy

Kansas City Headquarters for Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo (Korean Karate)


11130 Holmes Rd Kansas City, MO 64131                                        

Ph. (816) 761-0143                                                                                            


On December 4, 2011 Black Belts enjoyed an exciting and practical combat seminar at Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy.  Participating students ranged in rank from 1st thru 4th Dan.  The self defense workshop was conducted by Master Muhammad and assisted by Master Myrick.


Special thanks to all of the Students and Instructors who participated in this year’s Chung Do Kwan Championship.  The students enjoyed the competition as well as socializing with each other and making new friends.  Other highlights included demonstrations by 4th, 5th, and 6th Dans.


Congratulations to the following students who passed the Black Belt Examination on October 14, 2011:

 Rasool Ahmed      3rd Dan

Elizabeth Lopez     1st Dan

Isac Olivares         1st Dan

Henry Buren           1st Dan

Tae Kwon Do Championship

Saturday, October 15, 2011, 9:30am
at Center High School

Tournament News: Congratulations


Once again Black Belts from Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy and Duncan’s Karate School, along with their families and friends; enjoyed the delicious food at Cinzetti’s Italian buffet in Overland Park, Ks. On April 25th.  Participants expressed their pleasure, and how they look forward to this annual outing in a family atmosphere.


We are pleased to announce the successful Dan rank advancement of three dedicated students on April 24, 2011.  The following students were promoted to 1st Dan:

 Jabir Hazziez Jr.

Tamas Kapros Sr.

Gustavo Pena Jr.

The examination was conducted by Masters Muhammad, Duncan, and Myrick.

Gustavo Pena has the distinction of being the first Kwanzaa Academy Branch student to be promoted to Black Belt.  His Instructor is Mr. Jose Cisneros of J.C. Karate Club, located in Kansas City, Ks.

Master R.A. Muhammad
Featured in the Kansas City Star

Rudolph Muhammad builds character through
Martial Arts

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Combat Workshop

On February 20, 2011, The Black Belts participated in this year’s first advanced workshop conducted by Master Muhammad and assisted by Master Myrick.  The Students belt rank ranged from 1st thru 4th Dan.  The students were elated after having the opportunity to practice advanced techniques not generally taught in regular classes.

Black Belt Banquet

Recently promoted Black Belts and their families joyously celebrated with Master Muhammad and Master Myrick at Cinzetti’s Italian Buffet in Overland Park, Ks.  After an opening prayer, everyone feasted, reflected, and rededicated themselves to raising the Chung Do Kwan standard of excellence!

Chung Do Invitational Tournament

On October 30th, Kansas City, Mo. hosted its annual Fall Chung Do Taekwondo Championship.  Students from throughout the Midwest upheld the high standard through strict training and competing in mutual friendship.  We especially welcomed Mr. Jamal Abdullah who was recently promoted to 4th Dan, and brought over twenty of his students from Indianapolis to compete and train in a workshop at Kwanzaa Academy on the following Sunday morning.

Black Belt Exam Results

The following Chung Do Taekwondo students successfully passed and were promoted on October 29, 2010:

1. Mrs. Marcia Granger     2nd Dan

2. Mr. Yazen Hajeh                         2nd Dan

3. Mr. Jermaine Lane                      1st Dan

4. Mrs. Mindi McKenna
st Dan

Young Chung Do Kwan Master

On October 24, 2010, a high level Black Belt examination was conducted at Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy in Kansas City, Mo.  Several advanced Dan Black Belts, successfully tested and passed a rigorous examination for promotion to the next Dan ranking.  Special congratulations to new Master Konsta Myrick for being promoted to 5th Dan.  Special congratulations also to Mr. Jose Cisneros, 4th Dan, and Mr. Desmond Granger,3rd Dan.  After performing traditional Chung do forms each student broke boards corresponding to age and rank.  Master Myrick age 29, three sets of 4,5, & 6 boards.  Mr. Cisneros age 55, three sets of 3,4, & 5 boards.  Mr. Granger age 23, three sets of 4,4, & 4 boards.   After Board breaking each student presented a personal demonstration relative to their new rank.  And then also demonstrated advanced self-defense, weapons training, and combat sparring.  The students are members of Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy, and the examination was conducted by Master Duncan and Master Muhammad.

Pyong Forms Workshop

On Friday, July 23, 2010, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy hosted a seminar covering the Pyong/Pinan forms series.  The class was facilitated by Mr. Mark Cook, a 3rd Dan Chung Do Kwan instructor under Master Tom Duncan.  Together the attendees analyzed and applied the posture, power, and potential found in the traditional forms.  All seminar proceeds were donated to help cover surgical costs for a Chung Do Kwan member.


Fourth Degree Black Belt Mr. Konsta Myrick recently won the “Fight to the Finish 10” Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts match by TKO.  The event was on July 9th at “Whiskey Tango Sports Club” in Grain Valley, Mo.

Grand Opening Black Belt Workout!!

Come out and help celebrate the Grand Opening of our second location on July 5th at 6:00 p.m.  10107 W. 105th st., Overland Park, Ks. 66212.  Bring your uniform!

Spring Black Belt Banquet

On April 30th approximately thirty participants feasted and socialized at Cinzetti’s Italian Buffet, located at 91st and Metcalf in Overland Park.  Students relaxed, joked, and reflected as they showed appreciation for the mutual friendship, that they have established and continue to build upon.

Spring Self-Defense Seminar

On March 21st students eagerly came and participated in a three hour seminar to sharpen up their basic Self-Defense skills with Master Muhammad.  Students reviewed techniques that they are required to learn for Basic Black Belt Testing.

Early Enrollment
For Karate Summer Day Camp 2010

Winter Tournament

On Sunday, February 21, 2010, students from Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy competed in Jarrett Leiker’s 11th annual KC Challenge Martial Arts Tournament.  Over 200 competitors, from throughout the Midwest competed in Forms, Weapons, and Fighting competition.  As usual, Kwanzaa Academy won their fair share of the awards.  Mr. David Muhammad, 4th Dan was awarded 1st place in the Grand Championship Sparring Finals.  Mr. Muhammad also competed nationally the following week at the NASKA 5A rated Compete National Tournament in Ontario, California, where he placed third in Traditional Kata.

Combat Seminar

Even the extreme weather didn’t stop the advanced students from kick-starting their New Year by participating in the Combat Workshop for Black Belts held at Kwanzaa Academy on January 10th.  Advanced combat techniques were practiced that complemented the various levels of Black Belt.

Fall Chung Do Invitational

Again we’re proud to announce another successful Taekwondo Championship!  On October 17, 2009 highly skilled practitioners from throughout Greater Kansas City, displayed amazing techniques in competition and demonstrations.  In addition to beginning and intermediate belts, Black Belts competed from 1st through 4th Dan.

During the previous night’s rank examination, Mr. Joseph Fernandez was promoted to 2nd Dan and Mr. David Muhammad to 4th Dan.  We’re pleased with the continued development of our Black Belts!  Stay tuned in for another Black Belt Combat Seminar coming soon!

Black Belt Workshop

On August 16, 2009 Chung Do Kwan Black Belts participated in the second combat workshop this year hosted at Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy.  Students bear witness to the progressive techniques that are being studied and taught.  They expressed their gratitude for being able to continuously develop their skills for practical application.  It is imperative for advanced students to constantly explore new methods to deal with a changing world!

NASKA Competitors

On the weekend of June 11th & 12th, six students from the Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy competition/demo team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the AKA Grand Nationals. This Martial Arts competition is 5A rated on the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) tournament circuit. Competitors across the United States and Canada attended this event, giving it an international feel. The students all worked very hard and performed admirably. Team members placed in the top eight in five different Black Belt divisions.


Congratulations to all of the team members who attended:

David Muhammad- 3rd Degree

Gregory Farley- 3rd Degree

Thaer Benkhadra- 1st Degree

Omar Benkhadra- 1st Degree

Adam Hajeh- 1st Degree

Melad Hajeh- 1st Degree


A special thank you goes to Ibrahim Benkhadra; for also attending and supporting the team.


A special congratulation goes out to David Muhammad, who earned his first 1st place at a national tournament in the 18-29 Men’s Light Middleweight fighting division.

Day camp will be from Mondays through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.

Students can enroll in weekly sessions, or individual days.  Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided, but all students should bring their own lunch.  Students will have to wear athletic shoes and a white Karate uniform. There will be some outdoor training at a nearby park.  Family plans are available, and discounts will be given to students who have joined the Chung Do Taekwondo Association.


Call (816) 761-0143 for additional information     


Camp #1           June 01 B 04

Camp #2           June 8 B 11     

Camp #3           June 15 B 18

Camp #4           June 22  B 2    

Camp #5           June 29 July 2

Camp #6           July 6 9

Camp #7           July 13 16

Camp #8           July 20 23

Camp #9           July 27 - 30     

Congratulations to the following respected students who were recently promoted to new Chung Do Black Belt ranking on April 24, 2009 at Duncan’s Karate School in Mission, Kansas.

Bob Stuteville              
4th Dan
Duncan’s Karate School

James Muhammad
3rd Dan            
Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy

Ibrahim Benkhadra     
2nd Dan           
Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy

Adam Hajeh                              
1st Dan
Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy

Melad Hajeh                 
1st Dan
Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy

You are invited to attend the 2009 Spring Black Belt Awards Banquet on April 25th (6:00 p.m.) at Kwanzaa Academy.  Come out and celebrate with those who have achieved this prestigious accomplishment!

Black Belt Combat Workshop
When:  Sunday March 8, 2009
What Time:  9:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.
Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy
How Much:  $40

Come learn from Master Muhammad and improve your personal skills.  Remember... your training doesn't really begin until you reach Black Belt.  DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY !!!

Fall 2008 Chung Do Taekwondo Championship!

On October 18th, the annual Invitational Chung Do local championship was successfully held at Center High School, 8715 Holmes Rd. in Kansas City, Mo.  The event was hosted by Masters Rudolph Muhammad and Thomas Duncan.  Competition events ranged from White Belt thru 4th Degree Black Belt.  There were also School and Masters Demonstrations.  We’re thankful to Almighty GOD for all who supported and participated in this exciting event.

Black Belt Candidates Congratulated !!

Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed the requirements for Black Belt advancement on October 17th at Duncan’s Karate School in Mission Ks.


Paul James Sherman 3rd dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Charles Lee                   3rd dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Gregory Farley         3rd dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Rasool Ahmed                2nd dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Nancy Wakas      1st dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Linda Diane Fagan          1st dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Bryan Harris        1st dan             Duncan’s Karate

Qamar Zia Tariq             1st dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Trevor Young      1st dan             Kwanzaa Academy

Omar Benkhadra             1st dan             Kwanzaa Academy


Chief Instructor




Black Belts