Jose Cisneros

Jose Cisneros - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Jose Cisneros is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He began his training under the direction of Master Rudolph Muhammad in 1994 and continues to train to this day.  He uses the skills and techniques that he has learned not only in the martial arts field, but in his personal and professional life as well.  He hopes to pass the knowledge and teachings he has mastered on to his children and grandchildren in hopes that they will continue to carry this wonderful and blessed art on to future generations.

Mr. Cisneros works at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he has been a key employee of the Jayhawk Construction department for the past 27 years.  He is a highly skilled master masonry and carpenter.  He performs everything from basic remodeling to very detailed remodeling, brick, stone and concrete work throughout the KU Campus and its branches.  He also owns his own company, J.C. Construction, which runs on the side.  His skills are outstanding and his work is much sought after.  He is dedicatd to his work and strives to be the best he can be in all areas.

In February 2003, he branched off from Kwanzaa Martial Arts to open his own Tae Kwon Do club, J.C. Martial Arts, in the Armourdale disctrict of Kansas City, Kansas.  He started out in an old one room building with 12 students.  In February 2004, he relocated J.C. Martial Arts to the Armourdale Community Center and now has approximately 26 dedicated students and is growing stronger every year.  Teaching the art as it was taught to him by Master Muhammad has blessed him with great joy and pride.  Opening his club in the Armourdale area has helped him reach out to the younger generations with his teaching and knowledge of the art.  Teaching Tae Kwon Do, the self discipline, respect and control it requires as well as the added health and exercise benefits that we all so desperately  need, he has shown his students of all ages that there is more to life and to enjoy and experience.  He is blessed to be able to give back to the community some of the knowledge his extensive training has tauht him in this fine and exciting art.

Mr. Cisneros plans to continue to teach and excel in this art as he does within every other aspect of his personal and professional life.

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