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Master Rudolph A. Muhammad

Master Rudolph A. Muhammad is the Chief Instructor and Director of Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy.  Master Muhammad is a direct student of Grandmaster Yong Taek Chung, who tested and awarded him his Master Instructor ranking.  This recognition is valued and appreciated very much by Master Muhammad.  We realize that receiving such a distinction from Grandmaster Y.T. Chung is internationally recognized as one of the highest awards in TaeKwonDo.  This is due to the prestigious position that the Chung Do Kwan Institute has as the original, most authentic school of TaeKwonDo.  Grandmaster Y.T. Chung is one of the most senior pioneers from that institute.

Master Muhammad is also recognized and has trained in other martial arts disciplines. He is ranked as a Master Instructor in Yonsei Gojuru Karate, and as a Master Instructor in Sho Lum Te Karate (a combat system). The philosophy at the Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy is to incorporate the best that can be found into advanced black belt training.

Master Muhammad believes that along with technical advancement in the martial arts, the individual has to also progress spiritually.  He believes, "The ultimate aim of the Art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." The Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy, founded by Master Muhammad, is one of the leading Martial Arts Institutions in the greater Kansas City area.  During his teaching career, Master Muhammad has promoted local tournaments, conducted self-defense workshops, sponsored summer training camps, facilitated special classes for the handicapped and hosted combat seminars.

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