Zoe Baldwin

ZoŽ Baldwin
1st Degree Black Belt

ZoŽ Baldwin began her training in Chung Do Tae Kwon Do with Master Muhammad at the KU Medical Center branch in January, 2000.  Her initial intent was to develop greater flexibility and better health; however, within a few months she recognized that martial arts study offered mental, physical and spiritual benefits extending into all aspects of her life, and she therefore chose to expand her training and join the main school.  She has been studying at both locations since that time.  She attained the rank of 1st Dan in April of 2005, and began instructing a ladiesí class at the main school in January of 2006.  She also assists at the Armourdale branch school on Fridays.  Ms. Baldwin works as a program coordinator at a local medical school when not involved in martial arts activities

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